Rapping is an expression of one's life. Rappers come from all over the world and lead different lives. As a result, not all rappers have the same message in their songs. In addition, hip-hop trends create different styles of rap. Some are verbose while others focus on hooks, and the variability is limitless. There are several different types of rappers in the hip-hop that have their own style and here are a few of them.

Conscience rapper

This rapper is a storyteller. He goes through the hardships and struggles of his everyday life. Many conscious rappers focus on racial discrimination, problems in the black community, and educating people who are unaware of these issues.

Rappers like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Mos Def, Common are examples of rappers that fit this description.

Gangsta rapper

This rapper is living the "thug" life. He raps about what it's like living on the streets and hustling to make money. Gangsta rappers talk about the crimes they commit. These crimes range from selling drugs, armed robbery, and assault to homicide. Their music is a reflection of the environment that they live in and it is not pleasant. However, they make the most out of this lifestyle. Some would say that these types of rappers are glorifying living like a criminal. Some examples of rappers who embody the gangsta rapper mentality are 50 Cent, DMX, Chief Keef, and Gucci Mane.

Drug-using rapper

This rapper does a lot of drugs. He raps about the drugs he uses, how often he uses them and the addiction he's grown over time. This type of rapper is a sensitive subject in the hip-hop community. People see these types of rappers as people who glorify drug addiction and leading impressionable listeners down a wrong path.

A lot of rappers today are young and unfortunately, fit under this description of a rapper. Examples of the drug-using rapper are Kodak Black, Lil Pump, Future, and Nav.

More than just a rapper

This is the rapper that transcends rap music. He is on mainstream media outlets doing sponsorships, hosting awards shows, and creating fashion deals.

These types of rappers know their name is a valuable brand and whatever they do can sell. This can be through advertisements, shoe deals, or simply using their name to promote products. Some examples of rappers who transcend their music are Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Lil Yachty and ASAP Rocky.

Wildcard rapper

This rapper is someone who can fit any of the aforementioned categories. The subject of this rapper's music varies a lot. On one song, he talks social injustices but in another, he talks about his drug addiction. The wildcard rapper can also get deals and sponsorships as well through their popularity. Examples of these rappers are Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Biggie, and Tupac. Rappers like these give us multiple perspectives of a rapper.

Concluding thoughts

Most rappers fit a category based on what they rap about. There are conscious rappers, gangsta rappers, drug-using rappers, rappers that transcend music, and the wildcard rappers. An important thing to mention is that these rappers are not limited to their categories. A rapper who is conscience can also rap about the thug life if he has the talent. This is evident by the prestige of some of the wildcard rappers that I named earlier. These categories are just basic outlines for what their discography represents. It is not a lyrical box they can't overcome.