The Browns and Steelers and playing in the first week of the season as part of a massive set of division games that are spread across the NFL. The Browns are by far the worst team in their division, and the Steelers are the best team. These two teams could not be in more different places, and the Browns must use this game as a learning experience. DeShone Kizer could learn what a starter looks like when he sees Big Ben, and he will get a harsh introduction to the NFL. You could not have a better welcome to the NFL because it will make the other games seem a little bit easier.

The Browns are learning

The Browns are learning how to play in the NFL because they are so young, and they are without Myles Garrett to start the season. They will see a lot of what they need to do to be good in the future, and they will be impressed with the way the Steelers are coached and organized. This team will be kicked around the field for most of the game, and they will learn from the Steelers how to finish off a game. Remember, if you will, when Dwight Howard wanted to sit and watch the Lakers celebrate an NBA Finals win over his Magic team because he wanted to see what success looks like.

Testing the offense

Testing the offense in Cleveland is very important because they must see what they have in Deshone Kizer.

Kizer will see what a fast NFL defense looks like, and there are a number of people who believe that he could get injured in this game because the Browns do not have enough firepower to counteract the Steelers defense. Joe Thomas will keep Kizer on the straight and level, and he will teach the young guy how to play in the NFL.

They must have a decent showing if there is to be any hope in Cleveland, and any progress at all will help the Browns make a plan for the future.

Bell and Brown

Bell and Brown will make the Steelers offense look amazing, and they will beat up on a Cleveland defense that does not have Myles Garrett. They will wait two games for him to come back, and they must ensure that they play well so that Garrett can return to a team that is ready to insert him into the defense.

The Browns need tape that shows they can play without Garrett so that his return makes them that much better. The Steelers could easily score 35 points, but those points should be spread out across the game. Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell are likely ready to score, and the Steelers must show the NFL early that they are ready for this season. Take the Steelers, but watch the Browns carefully.