Last week on "Alaskan Bush People," it was confirmed that Ami Brown has stage 3 cancer, which is reportedly at stage 4 now. Messages of encouragement and well wishes from fans poured in. New photos reveal how the Brown family's mom is currently doing.

Ami begins chemotherapy

According to a Facebook page for Matt Brown, Ami has started with chemotherapy. They shared a couple of photos, two of which seemed to have been taken while there were still in Southern California. The other one indicated that they were in Arizona, which would be the more recent image.

Ami is shown smiling with her husband Billy. While she looks thinner than before, Ami seems to be doing better amid her battle with lung cancer.

Where is the Brown family now?

In last week's episode of "Alaskan Bush People," Ami and Billy made a devastating choice to leave the Alaskan wilderness so that Ami would be closer to hospitals for her medical needs. Billy told their children that they would have to close down Browntown, which was heartbreaking news, especially for Snowbird. Matt was also shocked. Billy said things are working against them now, after years of fighting for their freedom and independence, as reported by People magazine.

The family already left Los Angeles, after which they were seen in Arizona.

The most recent reports said they are now in Dolores, Colorado, where Noah and Rhain planned to get married. The "Alaskan Bush People" production crew is reportedly still filming there, which fueled rumors that the Browns are planning to settle there while Ami receives cancer treatment.

Bam Bam, who reunited with his family after hearing the news that his mother has cancer, was recently spotted in Las Vegas with Gabe, according to fan photos.

The Brown children have come under fire for allegedly having a fun time while their mother is suffering from cancer. But some pointed out that the show was filmed about two months ago, and Ami's condition might have already improved. Moreover, life goes on for the rest of the family even though they have left the Alaskan wilderness.

Meanwhile, many believe that Ami will get through this sickness and come out stronger than before. Fans have said she's a strong woman and a fighter. The Discovery Channel has enabled fans to send letters to the Brown family, and messages have been pouring in for them.

An all-new episode of "Alaskan Bush People" Season 7 airs this Wednesday at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.