The New York Jets as bad as any team in the league this afternoon, and they are proving their detractors right as they stumble through their first game. It is no surprise that the Jets are losing to the Buffalo Bills, but it is surprising to see them be exactly as awful as everyone thought they would be. Losing The Game is one thing. Losing the game in such a spectacular fashion is quite another for a lame duck coach and a floundering offense he has no control over. What is the future for the Jets? We must look to college football once again for that answer.

They have hope

There is hope in college football that the Jets can find someone to help their offense score some points. They must look across the country to a number of teams that have amazing quarterbacks, and the Jets must focus on any quarterbacks that look as though they can run a pro style offense. The latest candidate is Baker Mayfield, who looked amazing against Ohio State. A Jets fan would be so happy to have Mayfield on their roster that they might throw a party when he is drafted. The Jets can continue to scour the college football landscape for talent until they find what they need, and they will uncover a number of guys who will be perfect for them going forward. Anything is better than what the Jets have now.

No Bowles

Todd Bowles is going to get fired at the end of the season primarily because the Jets need to hire someone who can create an offense specifically for their new quarterback. The person that is hired should be expected to call plays, and they should work with their new quarterback consistently to learn how to make him shine.

It does not matter who the Jets pick so much as who they hire to coach him. The coach that the Jets find should be the sort of guru who can make anyone into a great passer, and the Jets should spend as much money as possible putting pieces around that quarterback.

Keep McCown

Josh McCown should stay on the roster because he can be the veteran who helps their new quarterback improve quickly.

McCown has been around the NFL for a long time and the guy that the Jets draft was likely in elementary school when McCown came into the league. The experience that McCown offers ensures that the Jets can coach up their new passer in the right way. Everyone in the organization will be focused on helping their new guy succeed, and they could start next season with a decent chance of going .500. The scheme is important going forward because the Jets need to have hope for the future.