Before the creation of computers and the internet, the world was very different.In the past, it was harder for people to get information and they had to talk to other people to make a connection. People's lives were slower, and they enjoyed the things they were experiencing, instead of taking pictures with their phones. The Internet has the power to unite people and make a change, and it is certainly a big accomplishment for mankind, but it does have its flaws. Depending on the kind of person you are, and what your priorities are, you may enjoy the world without the Internet more than the one with it.

In the past, life was slower. Today, everything happens fast, and it is hard for people to live in the moment. Our privacy is not secure, and a simple mistake can change our lives forever.

Music has changed the same way our lives did

Today's music is very different than before. It focuses more on the beat of the songs and less on the lyrics. It is more important for artists to make catchy, one-hit wonder songs than to make all-time classics. In the past, the music was slower, more focused on lyrics and it moved people in a way that today's music just isn't able to. Change in the music perfectly reflects the way our lives have changed with Internet and technology. Today it is more important to make money and make people think that we are happy than actually to be happy.

We record things with our phones and don't appreciate them enough.

Is perception more important than reality?

Since the invention of social media, it has become much easier for people to find one another. Today, we can easily find our childhood friends that we haven't heard from in a while, or we can see what people love to do, what kind of music they like, etc.

We can easily get to know people just by looking at their Instagram or Facebook profiles. People post information about themselves and create a certain image. The problem is that the information can easily be false and deceiving. That way, people can create an unreal image of themselves and make others believe they are something they're not.

This is a scary fact because now it doesn't matter who you are and what you do, it only matters who others think you are and what they think you are doing. That is the world in which we live today. The world in which perception is more important than reality, and the world in which the way things look is more important than the way they really are.