When is the last time you ate Pizza? Oh! Sorry, that was a wrong question. I will rephrase it. Have you ever eaten pizza? Well, if you haven’t don’t worry because I have also never touched one, let alone tasted it. If you are a pizza aficionado, I think you’ll have to forgive me for the disclosure that I am about to make. Please read on.

According to NJ.com, it seems that that pizza is the world’s most popular food (Disclaimer: I was not consulted during the study they shared, so I cannot vouch for its authenticity). An interesting fact about pizza is that you cannot even define it.

The best definition that I could find for pizza is that it is a flatbread baked at high temperatures. When it comes to nutritious meals, it seems that pizza is not at the top of the health spectrum.

Facebook discussion

I hope you still remember that I hinted earlier on my dissent of the results of the study that made pizza the world’s most popular food. I have a revelation that is going to baffle you. Today, there was a heated discussion on one of the Facebook pages where I happen to be one of the curators. A member posted asking if he was the only 21st Century guy who is not raptured by pizza. As expected, there were ranks of answers to his query. I have sampled and shared a few

For the sake of their safety as they appear to be a minority in the world of food lovers - I am not going to mention their names.

  • Tried once. Will never ever eat it again.
  • I cannot stand cheese... So I do not do pizza
  • One day, a female friend asked the types of Pizza I like. What could I have said -I have never eaten leave alone knowing the various types.
  • I ate once and the thought that the price of pizza is equivalent the price of a packet of cement, made me bloated the entire week. Never again.
  • Hahaa all ladies of my age got an appetite for it.. have never tasted it.
  • I have never eaten lots of things..pizza ..hot dog and others ..I stick to my traditional meal and I hope you can now see why Ugali is underrated
  • Hehe its just overated.

Overrated flatbread

These are just a few of the comments.

Time and space cannot allow me to include all the responses. From the comments above, it is certain that pizza is one of the most overrated meals in some communities. From the definition above, we can add a few words to ameliorate it. It is true to say that Pizza is an overrated flatbread baked at high temperatures? If you haven’t tasted pizza like my fellow confederates, don’t worry. There is nothing special about an expensive flatbread.