John Crestani was once an ordinary man with an office job. He worked in the marketing department from 9-5 on a normal schedule and did his job extremely well. One day, he asked for a raise from his boss, who refused to give it to him even though he was making the company plenty of money. On the side, Crestani had built up a side income, and was making enough money from it to support himself. He quit his job.

Crestani's Life Changes.

Since quitting his job, Crestani's life has totally changed. He now travels the world, has no set schedule, and rides around in fancy cars on YouTube advertisements.

It certainly looks like Crestani is living the life that many of us aspire to. And he's offering a chance to people all over the world to also live that life.

Too Good to Be True?

First of all, why would Crestani be willing to share these secrets if there wasn't something in it for him? There is a price for his system, and it's not cheap. For $5,000, you can run your very own Facebook and Google advertisement campaigns that you will receive training on. With those advertisements, you will need to make at least $5,000 in sales. Is that realistic? And does John Crestani, who already has $5000, really care?

In this model, the person taking on all the risk is the customer, who tries a campaign that is definitely not guaranteed to succeed.

Don't be fooled by Crestani's marketing tricks. The man knows how to make money for himself and he isn't interested in helping individuals who invest in his system.

Affiliate Marketing.

John Crestani has his own Affiliate Marketing organization called Nutryst. It's an affiliate program for health products that he uses to earn money, and he doesn't have any clients for it.

It's brilliant, but it's also not something that can't be copied by everyone. In fact, a majority of the products sold by Nutryst have next to no true value, helping Crestani keep costs low on his affiliate marketing business.

Don't Be Scammed!

The next time you see a John Crestani video on YouTube, don't fall for it. The men and women driving around beautiful cities in unbelievable cars are a lie.

The helicopters they fly around in aren't a realistic depiction of a lifestyle. And financial freedom? Forget about it, unless you are actually John Crestani. It's nice to believe that one can attain the lifestyle that Crestani has, but one gets there through hard work, and not through the use of some BS program sold to you over the internet.