It doesn't take a former Breitbart-infused White House aide to know that President Trump is now isolated. Since Sebastian Gorka was fired, he has chimed in about the White House saying that the President was isolated. Reports of Gen. John Kelly coming in as the President's new Chief of Staff, without a doubt, informed everyone who knew the former Marine's reputation that there would be changes.

Targeting useless White House positions

Those changes have been drastic and the operational size of the West Wing is now much smaller than before with no current plans to increase capacity.

The removal of Steve Bannon as the Chief Strategist has left that position open ever since. However, President Trump seemed to have killed the position when he was interviewed about Bannon's role at the White House earlier in the year. He seemed to claim the position for himself at the time saying that he was his own Chief Strategist.

A position that another mentioned Breitbart-infused member held was as deputy assistant to the President by Sebastian Gorka, and that is also open. Other than making television appearances to combat and belittle news anchors and reportedly peeling out of the White House parking lot in his Mustang, he wasn't known for doing much of anything else for the administration.

Both Bannon and Gorka were targeted by Kelly who said he would be reviewing staff positions to find out just what their roles were. Gorka was also mentioned as holding a title as a national security adviser but was never really part of the National Security Council who enjoy a security clearance that Gorka could never get.

Hints of incompetence lingering in administration

Both Bannon and Gorka shared the same ranking in a "clubhouse" of their own making which they attempted to parallel with the NSC out of spite called the Strategic Initiatives Group. Bannon put more energy into the group when he was removed from the NSC by Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster which also included President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

It would be a fantasy to think that Kelly would have any interest in activating Bannon's special club house again, given that their role was already taken by the NSC. At the same time, Kelly's new policy-making system would make their group -- based on extremist ideology -- non-existent.

At the same time, part of Kelly's process had been for aides to "bring him up to speed" on the work they're doing and on their set deadlines. According to an aide that was interviewed by Politico for an article titled; "Trump's shrinking West Wing," many of those aides were not ready. This would suggest that there could be more "shrinkage" at the White House and a sign that some of those aides took advantage of the disorganization of the chaotic Trump administration.