Days after Sebastian Gorka was fired, the former extremist from the Trump administration said that the President asked him to do what he could from the outside. After getting the boot last Friday, Gorka had returned to Breitbart News where he could continue to influence right wing extremism through propaganda. The former Trump aide claimed that he promised the President he would continue the fight.

Gork's tenure at White House, unsustainable

Sebastian Gorka's response to the suggestion that he was fired from the White House was that he had actually resigned.

One should be suspect whenever the Historical Vitézi Rend member tries to save face and put himself in a more favorable light of resigning rather than being shown the door. It's harder, however, to predict a resignation from a figure as hostile as Gorka than to predict a firing.

This is especially the case since Gen. John Kelly had become the new chief of staff. It was already pretty clear that Gorka's tenure in the Trump administration would eventually come to an end. Overall because the extremist views that he and White House chief strategist shared were unsustainable. This became true when Kelly did as many had predicted and eventually fired Steve Bannon a week before Gorka.

Also, given the fact Gorka wrote a scathing letter attacking the White House on the same Friday he was removed -- which is not surprising given the level of his hostility -- one can safely assume that he fits the type of person who was bound to get fired.

Someone as hostile as Gorka -- or any of those now purged extremists -- generally doesn't hold that many powerful positions in the White House unless something is very wrong. A White House official reportedly told Yahoo News in an article titled: "Controversial Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka Leaves White House" that the controversial figure had in fact not resigned.

Too extreme to be granted security clearance

Another source further confirmed that Gorka only "resigned" after Gen. Kelly told him over the phone that his security clearance had been revoked. The self-proclaimed "scholar" was told this while he was still on vacation last Friday, a detail that was only revealed after the Federalist had published his resignation letter.

The letter could only have been written after Kelly fired him. Gorka was part of group created by Bannon called the Strategic Initiatives Group, which never got security clearance to deal with national security issues. The group was said to be one that handled national security. Gorka's title was as a national security adviser as well as deputy assistant to the President.

Gorka had no place in the White House

Much like the recent firing of Bannon before Gorka, it was reported that he would be leaving the White House back in April, after H.R. McMaster had Bannon removed as part of the National Security Council. But like other extremists in the administration, no one was really sure as to what the Breitbart-based aides' roles were.

One source reportedly told the Washington Examiner that other than giving tours of the White House and peeling out the parking lot in his Mustang, no one really knew what he did. The self-proclaimed counter-terrorism "expert" would frequently have confrontational television interviews with news anchors and defend Trump's presidency. Now that he has returned to his role at Breitbart, the "deplorable" said that they are now in phase two of their agenda to make sure that the "establishment" doesn't guide the narrative.