Monday Night Football will feature Beth Mowins calling the game, and she has been in the business for a long time. Vance Joseph and Anthony Lynn will be two black coaches facing one another on the biggest night in the NFL, and we are seeing amazing progress in a league that has been working hard at it in certain areas. We cannot absolve the NFL of issues such as Colin Kaepernick not having a job, but we can applaud them for having Joseph and Lynn coaching while a brilliant broadcaster in the booth calls the game.

Beth Mowins is very good

This is an outgrowth of other wiomen being on broadcast teams in the past, and Beth Mowins will be the first woman to call a game on Monday Night Football.

She has been a part of the sports business for a very long time, and she has loved sports all her life. We assume that girls cannot love sports or enjoy them the way that guys do, but we are wrong. Sports radio hosts have been suspended for calling female sportscasters unsavory names on the air, and men have made fools of themselves by criticizing women on the field because they want to look macho. Toxic masculinity is a large part of professional sports that has to be left by the wayside when we include everyone, and Beth will be fantastic tonight.

The games will be not so good

Sadly, these will not be the best football games we will see this season, and it is very important for us to remember that these games are only the first of the season.

These teams can improve or fall apart, and it is very important for someone who loves fantasy football to watch closely because they have a lot to learn on a short week for these teams. We need to see if Bradford and Peterson can be great, and we need to know if Brees can get the ball down the field. There are many people who are planning to draft for their weekly fantasy very soon, and they need to watch these games because there are guys that they can look to for help with their teams.

Who prevails?

The Broncos and Vikings should have very good games today, and that should send them into week two with some momentum. You may not be a fan of any of these teams, and they will give you a show that reminds you why they are sort of irrelevant right now. The Chargers play in a tiny building, and the Saints are just not the same anymore.

We need to see major improvement from the Broncos, and we need to see the Vikings come out swinging. There is a lot of playoff potential in this set of games, and we will get a clearer idea of who will be the most competitive when the night is over.