Terrell Owens is going on "Dancing With The Stars," and he will join a long list of NFL players who have been on the show. They have done well with people such as Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice performing extremely well in the past. That is because we forget how gifted these guys are when they make it to the NFL. They have physical gifts that could aid them as dancers, and they are willing to use those gifts to show us another side of their personality.

No typical TO

This is not the typical TO who was hoping to have a quarterback pass him the ball, and there are a number of people who did not like TO because he was considered a selfish ball hog.

He cannot hog the ball on this show, and he cannot ask for the coach to put him in more often. He can focus all his energy on dancing, and he certainly has enough energy to perform well on the show. TO is just a personality that we saw in the NFL, but he is still an incredible athlete.

The personality helps

The retired TO is a nice guy that comes across well on TV, and he looks good when he makes appearances on sports shows. He can work on his public image by being on the show in front of a particular audience who may not like football. Everyone will get a taste of Terrell that will be more appetizing, and they will fall in love with him just by virtue of seeing him on the show. The personality that TO uses on this show could make him a bit more palatable to the public, and that could change the minds of the people who are voting for the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame voting

Hall of Fame voting will change for TO if he can give the people in the media a reason to like him. They will look at him on this show and see something that is entirely different from what they are accustomed to. They will be more inclined to vote for him, and we could see a wholesale change in how the voting is done.

Someone who is frustrated by the way that TO has been treated will be happy to see that he has a public profile that could make it more likely that he will get into the Hall of Fame.

He could win

Football players have done extremely well on "Dancing with the Stars" in the past, and it would not be surprising to see him win the show.

He could win purely because he is so competitive, and he has the physical ability to keep up with the grind that this show requires. You have to dance and practice a lot on this program, and he is not prone to the injuries that some people would run into if they were going into ballroom dancing with no athletic experience. He is still in good shape, and it would be nice to see him succeed.