If you were to ask any of his former NFL quarterbacks, each one would all have similar comments concerning Terrell Owens. During his playing tenure, Terrell Owens was able to produce numbers wherever he lined up at the wide receiver position. Owens has switched NFL jerseys five different times and has always been labeled as a threat on the gridiron. His ability to make plays in crucial moments has made his legacy last throughout the recent decade of NFL play. It is a fact that Terrell has changed the game at the wide out position during the early 2000's but it is unfair that when eligible for Hall of Fame contention he was unable to gain votes that would launch the great receiver into Canton.

His remarkable 16 season career as one of the NFL's most elite receivers should be recognized with the highest honor the NFL has to offer, a chance to become a Hall of Famer.

The stats are there

When NFL analyst look at the stats of Terrell Owens' career the numbers speak for themselves. Owens has been to 6 NFL Pro-Bowls, has been first team all-pro 5 times, and has spent 7 seasons in the NFL's top 10 list for most receiving touchdowns in a season. It is no secret that Terrell was an offensive weapon for any team he has played for. Most football fans remember him for his time spent with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. With Owens recording 1,200 yards receiving during the 2004-2005 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles were able to win the NFC Championship which enabled them to play in the Super Bowl.

After his career with the Eagles came to an end, Terrell was still able to produce numbers for the interdivision rival Dallas Cowboys. While playing in Dallas, Owens had 3 consecutive seasons where he recorded over 1,000 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns. No matter what jersey he wore over his shoulder pads Terrell was able to help the team become better, which is an attribute of a great football player.

Not too far behind

When Terrell's career was over, he was able to sit amongst the top receivers on the stat charts. He currently holds the second-ranked spot on the all-time receiving list, one spot behind the great Jerry Rice and a spot in front of the athletic Randy Moss. Terrell averages the same amount of yards per catch as Jerry Rice with 14.8 yards even though he ended his career 4 seasons earlier than Rice did.

He also ended his career with 43 touchdowns behind Rice as well. Imagine if Terrell played as many years as Jerry Rice. Owens averaged close to 10 touchdowns per season with quarterbacks who were not even comparable to Steve Young or Joe Montana in their prime. This only proves that the work ethic of Terrell Owens is comparable to the work ethic of a current hall of famer, so why is Terrell still without a jacket?

Many believe that his off the field issues are the cause of his late arrival to Canton. Terrell was known throughout the league as a player who brings extra antics into locker rooms. Although this may be true, we cannot forget about Terrell Owens' major contributions to the game of football and the impact he has made that can be seen on Sunday afternoons in today's game. Terrell Owens needs to be recognized as one of the game's best wide receivers of all-time, and no honor does that more than a Hall of Fame induction.