St. John's beat their opponent today in Division Iii football 98-0. Now, I do not care what team you root for, 98-0 is a major beating. That is something like the beat down Georgia Tech gave Cumberland College back in the day. Knute Rockne told them back then when they were winning by over 100 at the half, "they could still come back." There is a question you might want to ask about playing sports and how many points a team should score in a game when they are clearly destroying the other team.

Once you get to high school, it is all over

I think that High School teams can beat the tar out of each other because they are near adults you can learn that they are going to lose sometimes.

Young kids should have run and score limits just because they are little kids who do not necessarily know how to deal with their emotions. Older kids typically play varsity, so if they are getting beat 98-0, they can go to IHOP after and get some food and get over it.

Stop me

I think we need to tell teams just to stop us when we are beating the heck out of them in a game. I think that is a fair response. If you do not like the fact that I am scoring, stop me. You just have to stop me. It is not all that hard. You have to prevent me from scoring. Sometimes that is hard, or there are extenuating circumstances. That is a lot different because it means the other team is disadvantaged in some way. Those are the times you give them a little grace and help them out.

Are we changing divisions?

I often wonder if certain schools will change divisions because they have been so successful in their current division. Other times I wonder if they want to stay where they are because they do not prefer to invest in football in the way that they invest in other things. St. John's plays Division I basketball, and they are known for it.

They are not really a football school, but they could dominate Division III like Mount Union does or a team like North Dakota State or Montana State.

It is interesting if nothing else

I admit that I feel bad for someone who is getting beaten that badly, but I want to see it because it is much like a train wreck. We want to pull over and watch.

We want to see something that is so compelling that we want to know how bad it will get. I would have wondered if the team could score 100 points, and I would have been cheering for them to do so. This is college athletics, and they really need to stop people from scoring on them because it is their game to win or lose.