Cam Newton to Christian McCaffrey could be the fantasy revelation that you need this season. The Panthers may not make the playoffs this season given the logjam in the middle of the NFC, but they will be fantasy gold for someone who wants to draft the pair of offensive juggernauts. Cam Newton will have protection in Christian McCaffrey, and the team will create fantasy points every week that will change your perspective on Fantasy Football.

A true second option

Christian McCaffrey behind Cam Newton is a wonderful thing for the Carolina offense, and McCaffrey could touch the ball for half the plays the Panthers take in a game.

McCaffrey could take direct snaps to protect Newton, and the offense could function as if they were both quarterbacks. Direct snaps and runs to McCaffrey bring the plays away from Newton, and Newton may hand off often to ensure that he is not hit so much. McCaffrey will be just a few yards away if a pass play breaks down, and he will catch short routes that function as part of the running game. These scenarios alone create fantasy value that other teams do not have.

Trust Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera is coaching for his job, and he knows that he must keep Cam Newton healthy if he wants to have a job. Cam Newton will be given a much safer offense to manage, and he will run behind an offensive line that has proven to be quite good.

Ron Rivera will likely keep Newton much healthier, and he will force McCaffrey to be a large part of the offense. It would be foolish to allow Newton to play the way he has in the past.

Fantasy value persists

A running back that is capable of compiling total yardage from both running and passing is a fantasy gem that you must draft.

McCaffrey is an amazing player who will give the Panthers many opportunities to score because he can run the ball in for a score or catch the pass for something that looks like a two point play. Cam Newton has been asked to do too much in Carolina, and he must have his workload reduced so that he has the energy and healthy legs to throw the ball downfield to Kelvin Benjamin.

Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin is an excellent receiver who will likely have a 1000 yard receiving season because Newton will have more time to get him the ball. Benjamin will be given the opportunity to receive clean passes that are not hurried at all, and Benjamin will give Newton confidence that a big play can be made without doing it all by himself. Trust the Panthers because they have the right pieces.