Many people believed that the combination of a versatile running back and an athletic quarterback such as Cam Newton's would deliver devastating blows to any defense. When DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart were performing at their peaks in 2011, Cam Newton was able to throw for the most yards he has ever thrown for in his NFL career.

Racking up a total of 4,051 yards, Newton informed NFL defenses that he is a dangerous man when playmakers surround him. With the eighth pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, the Carolina Panthers selected one of the most sought out offensive weapons in the college football, Christian Mccaffrey. With the help of McCaffrey, the Panthers should be able to put up numbers in 2017.

He's a dual threat

Coming out of the University of Stanford, Christian McCaffrey knows how to score the football. He is known throughout the country for his playmaking ability as well as his ability to play multiple positions on the offensive side of the ball. Christian ended his collegiate career with 3,922 yards rushing with 21 rushing yards to match.

In addition to being a threat on the ground, McCaffrey can change the game through the air and special teams. The Stanford standout has recorded 1,206 yards receiving on 99 receptions. That's an average of 12.2 yards per catch, equivalent to a first down and some change. With 5,128 from scrimmage, it is no secret that Christian knows what to do when he touches the football.

What does this mean for the Panthers?

With DeAngelo Williams gone and Jonathan Stewart struggling to produce numbers, fans will be anxious to see what McCaffrey can bring to the table. The Panthers were unable to produce a 1,000-yard rusher last season which put a lot of pressure on Cam Newton. Newton finished his 2016 season throwing his second highest total in interceptions.

The Panthers were able to have a 1,000-yard receiver in All-Pro tight end, Greg Olsen. Their explosive wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin was the second most productive receiver on the team, he tallied up 941 yards as he leads the team in receiving touchdowns with a total of seven.

Hopefully the right fit

One thing is for certain; the Carolina Panthers have the opportunity to do something with their new offensive weapon.

Christian has moved onto bigger and better things as he leaves his college career behind. Fans in Carolina are hoping the Christian can produce another 61 touchdowns for his new team. He is certainly the right man for the job; he is a true football talent.