Eli Manning is one of the most consistent quarterbacks in NFL history, but he could produce a lot of fantasy value this season because he has no choice. He has a struggling offensive line, a star receiver who is angling for a contract, and no run game to support him. Please consider for a moment how Eli typically manages the Regular Season, compare that to how he plays in the postseason, and understand why he must be more active before the playoffs start.

Regular season Eli

Regular season Eli is a good player, but he does not do anything flashy. He plays the regular season much like Kobe Bryant or LeBron James because he wants to get to the playoffs without doing too much.

Regular season Eli is a solid player who does not miss games, but he is not doing those special things you would expect from other quarterbacks. All his dazzling play is reserved for the postseason when he truly shines.

Post-season Eli

Post-season Eli makes the most athletic plays in the history of the sport, beats the most dominant franchises, and did so in two different Super Bowls. He has two MVP awards from the Super Bowl, two rings, and he has proven on the sport's biggest stage that he is far more dangerous when everything is on the line than he is in the regular season. Post-season Eli creates a ton of fantasy value when your season is already over. Regular season Eli is solid without pouring points into your fantasy football coffers.

Eli needs to emerge and play like he does in the post-season

The giants need Eli to do a lot of what he does in the post-season before the regular season schedule is over. They may need him to win games for them all on his own, and he only has one major weapon that can be used to serve that purpose. He could spend much of his time scrambling and chucking the ball to Odell Beckham Jr, and these two could have one of the greatest seasons in the history of the league.

As Odell's fantasy numbers rise, Eli's numbers will rise. You may have wanted Odell without Eli, but Eli may give you a reason to draft him so that you may cash in on the fantasy points he is forced to create before the season ends.

He is consistent

You are given amazing consistency when you draft Eli Manning, and you can be assured that he will be on the field on Sunday when you start him for your fantasy team. You are given the benefit of one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, and you may catch him during a season where he knows that he must do everything possible to win.