Baylor plays in gorgeous McLane Stadium, and they are fielding a really bad team at the moment. The team has been the central figure in a big scandal, and their school keeps coming out with bad additions to the scandal. A former President of the university tried to use bible verses to justify why women were sexually assaulted on campus, and all the while their football team is getting destroyed every week. Should we take Pleasure in how badly they are losing, and should we beg Oklahoma to beat them by 100 points on Saturday? This writer is hoping for a big blowout.

They lost to Liberty

Baylor lost to Liberty. Just a couple years ago they had the Heisman Trophy winner on the roster, and now they have lost to Liberty. Baylor is probably the most pathetic Football Team in all of America, and they showed it by laying down and letting Liberty beat them. Liberty plays in a glorified high school stadium, but they beat big old Baylor. It made a lot of people happy because they saw the fall of Baylor hit rock bottom. They cannot be any worse than they are right now, and it is the school's fault.

What about the players?

Many of the players on that team are probably decent guys who wanted to play football in college, but they are suffering the consequences of football worship.

Baylor is not a Baptist school. Baylor is a football school. They worshipped at the altar of football, and they got burned for it. They proved that their school not only has the wrong priorities, but they proved that the school does not even actually value education. The players are actually get screwed twice. They are losing out on what should have been a decent football team, and they are losing out on an education from a school that wants them to be educated.

The fact that Baylor is accredited at this point is miraculous.

Can they recover?

I personally hope that they get drubbed in every single game and see how pointless football is compared to having values and treating people well. Then, I would like to see the school completely rebuild their program into something respectable.

They did so with the basketball team that is now very competitive under Scott Drew, and it would be nice to see them do the same with the football team. In the meantime, this football team should not even be allowed to see the light of day. Closing up the athletics department at this school is a tempting thing to call for, but there are too many people who benefit from it. Maybe Baylor learned their lesson.