When the world was taking preparation for the Y2K millennium, a supposed end of the world, my mother decided to create a time capsule to add magazines and favorite items to reopen again in another ten years. As a young 14-year-old music fanatic, I added a Spin magazine featuring a new artist, Beck, on the cover.

Honestly, it was hard to part with such a treasure. Beck was an emerging artist working using a variety of instruments to create a distinctive sound. More than the music, album art to music videos stood out and were rare. I am happy to say the world didn’t end perhaps even equally happy to see Beck still surprising his fans 17 years later.

Beck is to release his 13th studio album on October 13 called Colors.

The new music has been under production with producer Greg Kurstin since Beck’s last album Morning Phase won a Grammy in 2014 for album of the year. Kurstin states in a Rolling Stone interview, "These are complex songs all trying to do two or three things at once," he said. "It's not retro and not modern. To get everything to sit together, so it doesn't sound like a huge mess was quite an undertaking."

The album will also feature a single previously released such as “Dreams” which has already been available for the last two years on music streaming services. Judging from the last two singles “Dear Life” and “Up all night” the music seems to be more upbeat with some dark lyrics.

The sounds can remind one of the past musical workings combined with a lot of new sounds which is birthing a new Beck.

Should the fan feel cheated?

Currently, there are 4 of 10 singles already available for streaming. Beck is an inventor and brings curiosity to many. How many artists can mix pop, country, folk, garage band, and other experiment beats and win a Grammy?

As an old-school fan, I feel more at home with the two new singles and having the long-lost feeling of excitement of waiting to hear a full version. Remember being young and waiting to buy that favorite album, tape, or CD regardless of the price? The excitement is back with Becks’ Colors. Will Curiosity kill the cat? I hope not.

Beck’s new album is featuring astonishing artwork to match his title. “Up all night” music video features a superhero walking through bizarre parties and blasting her way through mysterious hurdles to save a passed out friend. The song appeared earlier in an ad for a soundtrack for smart watches. Other than some killer singles the fans were given a glimpse future tracks to look forward to.

Beck, Colors track list:

  1. “Colors”
  2. “7th Heaven”
  3. “I’m So Free”
  4. “Dear Life”
  5. “No Distraction”
  6. “Dreams”
  7. “Wow”
  8. “Up All Night”
  9. “Square One”
  10. “Fix Me