The Rams and the Cowboys will play this weekend to a lot of intrigues because there are so many storylines for these two teams. The Rams can keep their offense going, and the Cowboys need to try to get past this Rams defense as best as they can. There are many people who are going to want to see the Rams shred the defense in Dallas, but there are many more who will want to see the Cowboys prove themselves against a good Rams defense. Who can prevail in a game like this?

The Rams defense

The Rams defense is going to stop the Cowboys more often than not simply because they are so strong.

I do not think that we can ask the Cowboys offense and Dak Prescott to perform some kind of miracle. They need to score just enough to stay in the game, and they need to hope that their defense can hold. It is clear that Jared Goff is good enough to score 35 points, and they should not allow that. The Cowboys, however, have a tendency to overlook teams, and they could easily overlook a very good Rams offense that is coached by the NFL equivalent of a child.

How much can LA score?

The Cowboys defense is the weak link on their team, and they could be bad enough that the Rams take an early lead and do not give it up. All those dreams of going deep in the playoffs go out the window if the Cowboys cannot defend anyone.

If the defense looks good, then the Cowboys have a lot of hope. This is a test to see where they are in their development this early in the season. No one is making or breaking their season, but something will be learned when this game is over.

What if coaching makes the difference?

I truly believe that Sean Mcvay is a better coach than Jason Garrett.

You can get on me for that if you want, but I look at Garrett and think that he is just a nice guy who is kind of bumbling through his tenure in Dallas. He is like the Roy Williams of the NFL. He is good when he has superior talent, but he actually has no ability to coach anyone who is not already perfect. If you think that is an unfair comparison you should go look at Williams' stats.

Garrett mirrors that trend in Dallas. He only excels when the team around him is great. However, Sean McVay fixed Jared Goff in one offseason. Take your pick.

What about Ezekiel Elliott?

Elliott might not get anything done in this game because the Rams can stop the run. He will have to give us a reason to think that he can have success against this team, and the fantasy stats will not come. Elliott is not matched up well with the Rams, and that gives LA the edge.