odell beckham jr. is not practicing for the New York giants even though he is doing some running on the field. Reports say that he is physically active, but he is not necessarily in every drill. This guy does not need to be in practice because he is good enough to miss some practice time. The Giants have to be very careful with his body, and he should not be putting in too much work because he does not have his long term deal. I would not allow him to practice if I were his agent, and it appears that he is going to linger until it is time to play the game.

He has to be mindful of the money he can make once he signs a long-term deal, but the Giants have not taken care of him yet.

Sign the man

What else do you have if you are the Giants? You have Eli and this guy. Your defense is very good, and you have these two guys running your offense. Just pay them both and get it over with. No one can feel sorry for you knowing how much money you make in TV revenue in the country's largest media market. It is very hard to believe that the Giants cannot afford it, and they cannot stand back and pretend that they can wait to pay him because he is not done with his rookie deal yet. Everyone has the right to open things up if they outplay their deal, and he has outplayed his deal more than just about anybody ever has.

Stop questioning his work ethic

The man loves football, but he has to make business decisions given all the things that he sees happening around him. Too many guys have seen their careers end, and they have lost money because they tried too hard too early. Beckham plays extremely hard in the game every Sunday, and he is providing the team with his best effort.

This man puts forth the More effort than most, and he is earning the money that he is asking for. We can all see it when he is on the field, and he should not be impugned any time he does not do exactly what all the other players do.

The Giants are lucky

The Giants are extremely lucky that they have Beckham, and they need to be a little bit more thankful that he has fallen into their lap.

We do not see other teams have these problems because they are willing to pay their players when it is time to pay them. It was time for Beckham to get paid because he has been so brilliant that we still remember his one-handed grabs. He has won the Giants games basically all by himself, and he cannot be properly quantified. Any amount of money the Giants pay him is actually not enough, and it is time they started acting like it.