A scared world is a world that is open to totalitarian movements, nativism, nationalism, and other attacks on the democratic vision of dignity and rights for all. No war is just but fighting for freedom is at least admirable. And bravery in battles cannot be dismissed, even if a war is both stupid and unjust. Today we are letting wagging tongues dominate our emotions.

The waggiest tongue of all

The most persistent scare-tactic monger in the world is a man named Donald J. Trump. Were he running a Reality Show on TV, he would be fired for his loose talk about war and nuclear matters.

He would be deemed insane for ratcheting up terror and filling the world with threats of doom and destruction. He would be lumped with people like the North Korean leader who not only talks but practices terror drills with apparent impunity.

The reality show has moved

Of course, Mr. Trump is now parked in the White House where his every word is magnified a million fold so that fear can be laid on the world like a glutton's peanut butter.

SPOILER ALERT: Nuclear weapons have been improved since they were used by the US to traumatize Japan into ending their vicious war against civilization. It was probably a huge mistake in retrospect because today people seem to have little sense of the truth.

Truth: "Unthinkable" is now the subject of cheery talk

My trigger for this piece is the following podcast -- if that is what it is -- from the New York Times -- a video that is almost cheery. I find it close to obscene to approach the public with a seemingly rational notion of survival of a nuclear war. We are teetering on the edge of the Unthinkable with a maniac president who needs to be removed post haste.

Here is the trigger.

This cannot be seen in two ways

To approach this as anything but insanity -- both our president and this cavalier treatment of the unthinkable -- is more than jaw-dropping. A fracture would be more like it.

Apparently, now we have created some semblance of a preventive attack on North Korea. This suggests to me we can either, just with Trumspeak, or actual military intervention, unleash a sequence of events that would make the assassination that led to WW 1 look like a schoolyard brawl. We are prepping for the unthinkable.

The only positive result is that Trump's craziness may inspire a double dose of reason in nations that can tamp this down. By this, I am referring to the unthinkable. If 9/11 could induce the US to move halfway toward being a police state, the unthinkable needs no explanation.

Our obit will be: We died from an overreaction.