Keith Olbermann and Charles Blow are the two most prominent folk who do not want trump in the White House for another minute. They have had his number forever. They would resonate to precisely what you can resonate to if you watch the video embedded below. It reviews, as all of Keith's Resistance videos do, the real perfidies of Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, there is a strain of naivete running through Keith's reasonable account of what may happen sooner than later. He will be confronted with all manner of potential blocks to his presidency in the form of testimony from more than 20 witnesses who know the truth.

Keith assumes that if Trump issues such pardons it will be the last straw. He will have to resign or be impeached.

First, watch the video

Why Keith could be right and wrong

The reason Keith is probably right about the pardons is that among the 20 or so folk who will spill the beans to grand juries, there are some who will be charged with crimes. The prospect of this will cause the pardon juices already circulating in Trump to boil. We know what happens then. All Trump's acts are a form of purgation. The problem is, so what?

What if Trump pardons, holding all the cards?

If you are reading this, you can literally be counted on the fingers of several hands. These posts are winning no popularity awards. Relatively speaking, Keith Olbermann and Charles Blow, though read and heard, are largely ignored. No one wants to hear that their democracy has become a dictatorship.

But Keith thinks that Trump will fall once he commits the predictable malfeasance of pardoning his own accusers. Who says he cannot survive even this fundamental coup? My job is to state the worst case and Keith has to acknowledge that there are circumstances in which even the protests of Graham and McCain and the horror expressed on a bipartisan front would simply be treated as sour grapes and fake anger.

We are in the hands of Arendt's banality

The late Hannah Arendt was made famous when she characterized the evil of totalitarianism as banality. Trump is nothing if not banal. Unfortunately, we live in a time when being boring and ordinary when combined with being a rogue and wealthy will create totalitarian leadership in a country like the US which is presently steeped in debt, inclined to fear and living under a constant bombardment of Trumpian talk.

No one wants to face the truth. Trump has the police. Trump has at least part of the armed services. Trump has the Justice Department. Trump has the natural willingness of people to cave in in the face of strong man actions.

f anyone knows what he is up against, Mueller does. Obama does too. We are at the edge of a precipice. I have said so for months and the only difference between me and many who might agree is that I believe it.