Since Gen. John Kelly has taken over the role of White House Chief of Staff, the West Wing has been stripped down to only those qualified and ambitious enough to help form a more efficient presidency. This comes after months of chaos that only served to make trump's presidency the most ineffective so far. As a result, there are a lot of positions left open without any expectation that they are filled soon. It would seem that for the time being, the White House is more efficient with a skeleton crew if it means disarming a "weaponized" President.

Controversial actions alienate some Trump supporters

Even with extremists from the far-right being shown the door, there is still the matter of The President himself who has continued to attack Republican lawmakers. The President has already divided the nation with controversial statements made to defy the expectations of others, even John Kelly. But he also did his worse when he pardoned Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona. All of these incidents led up to the last straw for many, including many Trump supporters.

A further confirmation of the lack of support for the President was mentioned in a report by Politico titled: "Trump's shrinking West Wing" which says that thanks to Gen.

Kelly, the President's dark mood and the pending investigations that are looming over the White House, no one is rushing to interview for a job including Trump loyalists from the outside.

Timid Trump supporters dodging administration opportunities

The article makes a reference to Governor Chris Christie who had been wanting to get a position in the administration last year.

The article seems to make Gov. Christie the exception of those Trump loyalists who may see themselves joining the administration as political suicide. The reason for this is because the article refers to Christie insiders who claim that the New Jersey governor is still interested in a White House position. But Christie doesn't seem to acknowledge that he would only add to the problem that Kelly has been busy purging from the administration.

It seems that no one at the White House who has anything to do with improving it is interested in wanting to let anyone like Christie near.

The Politico article -- while not specific -- said that Trump loyalists from the outside are "crossing their fingers" hoping that the administration doesn't ask them to join. It points out that many who said at the beginning of the year that they would join in a second, are more hesitant given the recent turning point in the administration with his comments about Charlottesville. Trump certainly appears to be more careful with lashing out against his aides as well as the fact that he's beginning to realize that he needs his aides more than they need him. A period of time of no controversies would need to go by before anyone would consider a seat at the table with Trump. Or a complete reset with a resignation from the man himself, or his impeachment.