The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is bringing some serious issues to light regarding giving. Across the Intenet, social media and on television the Rich And Famous are making appeals to the poor to donate for hurricane relief. These men and women have millions, in some cases billions of dollars, so they should be giving and not asking for funds. The haves should not take from the have nots. The wealthy should not beg from the poor.

The millionaires stick together

It was announced on Friday that Tyler Perry is giving one million dollars out of his own pocket to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

Unfortunately, he is giving $250,000.00 of it to his good friend who pastors Lakewood church in Houston. Joel Osteen lives in a 10 million dollar home and should be giving out of his own rich coffers. Tyler Perry could have given the entire million dollars to a smaller church or organization which does not have available funds. Instead, he is giving it to a man and a church that are not in dire need.

In 2014 it was announced that someone stole $600,000.00 in cash from the safe at Lakewood church. Any organization that can keep that much in a safe obviously has a lot more in the bank. Joel Osteen pastors the largest church in America and has made multiple millions from his book sales. In my opinion, he should have refused the money from Tyler Perry and told him to give it where it is most needed.

It's a shame how these millionaires stick together.

To be fair some Hollywood celebrities are giving from their own funds but are also making appeals to the public. Just like Perry and Osteen, these rich folk should be helping the poor and not ask the less fortunate to give to them. In the Bible, in Matthew chapter 19 and Mark chapter 10 a rich young ruler asks Jesus what to do to have eternal life.

He is told to sell all he has, give it to the poor and then follow Jesus. The Bible says the man walked away sorrowful. In today's culture, many operate the exact opposite of the words Christ spoke.

Give to the least of these not rich celebrities

If you have millions in the bank and an income that will bring more, why would you prey on the less fortunate?

Sadly many individuals who are living paycheck to paycheck will give to the celebrity preachers and the Hollywood stars, without even thinking about it. People need to find out where there is the most need in regard to hurricane Harvey and give the money to help the least of these just as Jesus said.

Millionaires and billionaires should not be asking the poor to fund anything but should be giving out of their abundance to help. In Acts chapter 2 the early Christians put all their resources together and the Bible says there was none lacking among them. This should be the attitude when helping during a disaster.Money and resources should go to make sure that those who most need it have access to it.

Victims of Hurricane Harve who have no insurance, are elderly and or are living on fixed incomes are the ones Osteen, Perry and the other rich and famous should be looking out for. Truly the love the wealthy have for their money is indeed the root of all evil.