Charlie Strong was brilliant at Louisville, lost his job at Texas, and got a new job at South Florida. The team is 4-0, and they are playing extremely well. A 43-7 drubbing of Temple shows that South Florida is on the right track, and this might be the best place for Charlie to coach. We often do not consider that certain guys are better suited to certain divisions of football or basketball. Take a look at someone like Jim Calhoun who was amazing at UCONN, but could have easily left in the early 90s for bigger jobs. He made UCONN into a big job, and maybe Charlie Strong is doing the same thing at South Florida.

Charlie Strong the small school guy

Strong was very good at Louisville, and he kept the program going after he got the job. He was a big bust at Texas, but South Florida is already playing well. This tells me that he is better suited to smaller schools. However, South Florida has been fantastic in the past. The program is only 20 years old, but they have been near the top of the rankings in the country before. This school is a very good candidate to get into the college football Playoff from a group of five schools. It will not happen this year, but they could be a school that breaks through. We should keep watching because Charlie appears to be the small school guy that USF needed.

Florida recruiting

Florida is a fertile recruiting ground for everyone in the college football world. All the guys that do not get to go to FSU, Florida or Miami can just go to USF. There will come a time that the USF program is getting much bigger recruits, and they can entice these guys to play at Raymond James Stadium. Charlie Strong will likely be very happy to be back in Florida, and that will make him a little bit better at his job.

The expectations are not that high in Florida for this team because they have to get by UF, FSU, and Miami. Charlie Strong can use that to his advantage by making the school a popular place to play that opposes the bigger schools.

Expect big things

The USF football team is going to be a big source of pride for the school if Strong can get them back on their feet.

It is very easy for the student body to get behind this team, and it is fun to watch them beat opponents by 36 points. South Florida needs to keep their foot on the throat of each opponent so that they can score as many points as possible against each opponent. They will get the attention of the voters, and they can build a schedule that will make them competitive in the near future.