Josh Rosen looks like Brett Favre came back and put on a UCLA jersey. They are not built the same, and they do not have the same southern drawl. These two players are separated by so much time that Rosen is not old enough to have seen Favre truly play in his prime, but he plays very much Ike Brett Favre. Someone who is hoping to see a new kind of gunslinger come to the NFL has found him in Josh Rosen.

Sucking for Sam or Josh does not work

The Jets have had fans asking them to suck for Sam, and there are plenty of franchises that could easily start to lose just to get Josh Rosen on their team.

The problem is that Josh Rosen is not the perfect quarterback. You cannot draft him and solve all your problems. He will likely give you a few heart attacks, and he will be a rookie when he starts in the NFL. He will not be some seasoned veteran who can shrug off all the bad throws he makes. We forget that Brett Favre got more and more adventurous in his passing as he got older, but Rosen is still in college. There is a problem there that would have to be corrected when Rosen is drafted, and that could scare off some teams.

Enjoy him

We should at least enjoy Rosen as a sort of "Heart Attack Kid" who can give us palpitations whether he wins or loses. That alone is entertaining, and he would be very easy to sell and market for the NFL team that drafts him.

Not every team will want to do that, and some of them will probably have more fun watching him on Sunday than actually drafting him. We as fans of college football should aim to simply enjoy Josh because we do not get guys like this all the time. He could go to the NFL and be a total bust, but we would have this time watching him play college football.

That is often more valuable than the potential we see in someone.

Settle down

Josh could go a long way in the college football playoff picture if he starts to settle down. UCLA is not out of it yet, and they are very much in a position where they could ruin someone else's season. Josh Rosen might not win a national title, but he could go down in the record books as the guy who snatched a national title shot away from another team because he had that one great comeback.

This writer loves the comebacks, and he hopes to see more of them. A settled down Josh Rosen could be deadly because he is not at all afraid to throw the ball anywhere on the field he likes. The fearless nature of his game makes him exciting, and training could turn him into an accurate gunslinger far better than Brett Favre.