Josh Allen of Wyoming had a hard start to his season, and everyone is up in arms about how he has started the season. There are many weeks to go before the season is over, and someone who was puzzled by his week one performance may Fall In Love with his performance in week two. We need to give Josh Allen time, but he should pick up his game before scouts start to sour on him as Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold soar.

Do the math

How many teams in the NFL need a quarterback? The Jets, Jaguars, 49ers, and Dolphins come to mind. There are plenty of places for these guys to land, and there are established teams that may want to draft him because they want to train him under a superstar.

We do not know what teams will do, but we know that there are places where every person in the draft can go. Josh Allen will get drafted, and it is far too early to get too high or too low on him.

His program is shifting

Wyoming football is trying to improve and be more competitive overall, but it is hard because they are using a coaching staff that came mostly from North Dakota State. They are trying to implement a system that was used with Carson Wentz, but Josh Allen is not Carson Wentz. The difference in personalities and talents may make it hard for the staff to implement their program, and they need time to grow. Also, it is hard to ask someone at Wyoming to be amazing because it is still Wyoming.

They are not at a major college, and the altitude in Wyoming makes it feel much like Denver.

The draft is fluid

We could write several articles every day about how the draft stock for everyone is changing. Josh Allen could be the favorite to go number one overall, and he could be at the bottom of the first round the next day.

He is not going to hold one position until the draft occurs, and he has not even completed this season. I would prefer to let him play out the season, go to the combine, and then judge him. He is obviously physically gifted, and he likely has what it takes to make all the throws.

Someone will fall in love with him

The team that falls in love with him will get so engrossed in Josh Allen that they will do anything to get him in the draft, and they will ensure that they do whatever they can do to convince other teams they do not want him.

Someone could draft him early out of fear, or he could fall in the draft as Aaron Rodgers did. Every team has their own plan for the draft, and we must wait until the day comes when he will be selected. Until then, his draft stock is a physical gift, tape, and potential.