Ohio State football is really interesting, and they have found yet another running back in JK Dobbins. They have been hoping against hope that their quarterbacks would save them, and they have found out that people like Ezekiel Elliott can make them great. JK Dobbins is the new version of that great running back, and they are using him to create as much offense as possible. There are many different reasons why Dobbins will become the next great running back in college football. How can Ohio State improve on this year's performances to perhaps compete for a national title in the next couple years before Dobbins can go to the NFL?

Running backs work in college

The college football game is played with power running backs who can run over defensive players who are not as talented as the players they want to tackle. The running backs are given more space because there is always a talent gap in every game. These players go off to the NFL, and that is where they can prove if they are truly great talents or simply college-style players. JK Dobbins is on the way to making a big impression on college football, but he has a long way to go before he can say that he is as good as Ezekiel Elliott.

Can Ohio State save their season?

Ohio State can recover from their loss to Oklahoma, but they have not really looked the same since they lost to Baker Mayfield and the Sooners.

Urban Meyer may need the time to rebuild his offense because he will also lose JT Barrett at the end of the season. Having Dobbins on the roster makes life much easier for Meyer, and Dobbins provides a base that the offense can be built around for the future. They might well beat Michigan to ruin their season, but that is the only way that Ohio State can get back into the playoff conversation.

How long can Dobbins play this way?

College football is no different from the NFL. Teams will get tape on players, try to scheme to stop them, and implement counter-measures that will prevent a large amount of success for certain players on offense or defense. The teams that are playing Ohio State later in the season will begin scheming for Dobbins now that they know he is a good player, and it will be up to the Buckeyes to make sure Dobbins can still gain enough yardage to be effective.

There are a number of people who will be watching to see if Dobbins will improve or fall apart later in the season, and NFL scouts might start making their plans in advance after seeing Dobbins play.