OBJ is a hard-working athlete, by all accounts. In fact, there are so many dollars at stake, and it is not hard to imagine why. However, as a member of the NY Giants, he has brought a disproportionate amount of attention to himself, the Odell Beckham Brand, versus his team the Giants.

New York still cares about team

While there is no “I” in "team." There is an “I” in Giants. The fans of the NY Giants enjoy when Beckham is scoring touchdowns, and therefore distracting defensive coordinators from other players on the field. But, they don’t want those same distractions from team efforts, the Giants as a group, and an “all for one and one for all” team attitude.

NY has had a few football stars

It may seem that New York is exactly the city for the glamour and self-promotion that OBJ has parlayed. With sometimes spectacular play in his first 2 ¾ seasons, who could deny him. This tradition goes back to the days of NY Giant great, Frank Gifford, Madison Ave.’s golden boy in the 1950’s. Top that with Joe Willie Namath of the 1968 Super Bowl champion NY Jets, in and his fur coats, bell bottoms, and foo-man-chu. On the other hand, the New York Giants also exude a conservative attitude that has been cultivated by an overall team disposition. This dates back to, the lunch pail crew of the 1986 Super Bowl Champions, who were devoid of any real superstars (exception LT- past his prime).

This prevailing attitude says “be a star, be the best at your position, odell beckham jr.; and, be a team-first guy.” - We will love you for it!

Is OBJ the best at what he does?

Odell Beckham Jr. is not yet the Lawrence Taylor at his position. By that, I mean that he is not the best that ever played. He still has that to prove.

LT we learned, after his career ended, was outrageous off the field, but never distracted from team defense while between the lines, or in the media. My advice to OBJ is simple. First of all, you are spectacular! Keep working at your craft, and getting better. Secondly, take a page out of the story being written by another youngster, playing across the river in New York.

The New York Yankees who claim even more success than the NY Football Giants, are the team of Aaron Judge. Cut out from the cloth of a yesteryear, burgeoning superstar, and one can’t help but root for him, even while amassing more strikeouts than anyone in MLB history.Take note, Why? Because Judge is humble and doesn't just speak humbly, he lives it. Judge has been under a microscope much brighter than that of Odell Beckham Jr., and not faltered once. Can OBJ deflect that same light, and still get paid at contract time. We shall see.