Known for his descriptive stories, while having audiences afraid to turn off the lights, Stephen King author of horror and suspense delivers another classic book to film. Beyond the average horror stories, King has the ability to create fear without having too much gore, but by simply using the element of suspense. His dramatic style and the depth of the story aside of the horror, is what makes viewers crave that Stephen King horror story.

5. 'Stand by Me'

This is the story of four teens who undergo a life changing incident, ultimately revealing the essence of their character.

Audiences love this movie, because it's one of King's most unique stories. Incorporating a more emotional response to a relatable yet unusual journey of friendship. This successful drama showed how great of a writer King is, by incorporating his natural style into different movie genre.

4. 'The Shinning'

Some may say that the 1980 film, "The Shining" is the best horror/drama ever created. Jack Nicholson's portrayal of Jack Torrance was perfect, a father who is possessed by the evil spirits in a hotel, creating an unforgettable winter for his family. Although the film is without a doubt a classic, the suspense in the movie creates the terror, oppose to the few bloody visuals. "The Shinning" is a great film, and although I would love to see an upgraded version using 2017s HD effects, Jack Nicholson isn't replaceable.

3. 'IT' (2017)

The original film released in 1990, but the 2017 version is the film that deserves the number 3 spot as Stephen King's best movies. When children begin to disappear in the small town of Derry, Maine, it takes the curiosity of a group of kids to save their town. Unnoticed by the adults, for years a terrifying clown has been feeding on the towns youth.

Unlike the 1990 version, 2017 "IT" is broken up into chapters, allowing the story and characters to fully develop. The acting is outstanding, each child accurately captured their role, and Bill Skarsgard, as the "IT" clown Pennywise meets critics expectations. He was by far the creepiest clown I've ever seen.

2. 'The Shawshank Redemption'

This 1994 crime film is said to be one of Stephen King's favorite, out of his entire collection. As two men bond over a lifetime prison sentence, audiences' hearts warm. Andy Dufresne played by Tim Robbins is convicted of a crime he didn't commit, and as the movie revolves around his drastic transformation, he be friend "Red" played by Morgan Freeman. Audiences love seeing Freeman take on a new type of role, while being captivated by the drama seeded in each scene.

1. 'Misery'

Arguably the best Stephen King movie ever, "Misery" created a whole new type of paranoia. This story of an innocent author who's involved in a car crash and rescued by a crazed fan, will make you question any new person in your circle.

We all imagine the perks of being famous, like having millions of people praise you for your art, or willing to do anything for you. However, this story takes fandom to an insanely different level. You've never seen this side of having fans and being in the limelight. "Misery" makes you not want to have fans or have anyone save your life when you need it. Kathy Bates performance as Annie Wilkes is stellar for all horror films.