The 75th Golden Globes aired last night, and while stars elegantly graced the red carpet, there was only one color that audiences saw - black. In support of the Time’s Up movement, many of the stars decided that wearing black to speak against sexual harassment and discrimination, is more important than the “best dressed” list.

Popular actresses like Lupita Nyong'o was one of many who decided in 2017 to share her story as a victim in Hollywood’s sexual harassment scandals. These are allegations that men use their positions as a power to force actresses into uncomfortable sexual positions.

Host Seth Meyers attempted to alleviate tension on the subject with jokes throughout the ceremony, beginning with his opening monologue “Good evening, ladies and the remaining gentlemen.” Meyers managed to continue his comedic skit while respecting the victims and assuring that the Award Show remained comfortable for all.

Should entertainment and politics intertwine?

The night shared several memorable moments, particularly Oprah Winfrey’s speech, during her historic win of the Cecil B. DeMille Award. As stated in her speech, Winfrey became the first African American women to win the award, and while that was historic, her inspirational words and embracive delivery revolutionize women all over the world.

With no mention of her running for the presidency in 2020, fellow peers, actresses and fans have already declared their vote for her. Considering that her opponent would be Donald Trump I find no flaw in her running because honestly, no one could do a worst job than Trump.

Intellectually Oprah fits the standards of the average president and has the likeability to dominate minorities and women voters.

So yes, she would be a great representation of the U.S., especially against Trump. However, frankly speaking, far as political academics, the only experience we know of her having is, being friends with President Barack Obama.

Does Oprah have what it takes?

Although I’m a thousand percent sure that she would be better than Trump, does America really need another entertainer turned president?

Trump has been mocked as an incompetent, Ronald Regan may have been great for the white middle class, but as a minority, I recognize “Regan-omics,” also known as the crack era, and the last thing I would want to see is Oprah tarnish her repetition for political gain. Yes, last night she delivered a speech like a president, but I’m not sure that she would be ready for that responsibly. Although if she does decide to run I will vote for her.