Mr. Trump has traded the expulsion of dreamers who had been protected under the DACA with tougher controls on the border. The dreamers will not be deported but the border will be tightened. This action can Trump up the US economy.

Why has President Trump agreed to keep the Dreamers?

The President agreeing with the Democrats to protect 800,000 illegal immigrants or Dreamers in return for toughening U.S. border security was met with criticism from the Republicans. The exchange was massive border security for not deporting Undocumented Immigrants. If Trump succeeds, he will be supporting several clauses of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order.

His argument is that these are good, education, and accomplished young people who have jobs. According to President Trump, there are some with skills who

According to SBS, President Trump said, "You have 800,000 young people, brought here, no fault of their own. So we're working on a plan," He said this on Thursday after a dinner with congressional Democrats. He went on to say, "I think we are fairly close but we have to get massive border security."

The Dreamers are good for the economy

There is a great deal of sense in the President's arguments. If they stay, the United States gains out of them. They can help grow the labor force, develop entrepreneurship, and augment human capital. They boost the productive capacity of our economy and enhance the GDP.

When the incomes of the immigrants increase, so does the income of natives. Some economists call it immigration surplus. Some share of the additional GDP also accrues to the natives. The dreamers have the potential of rushing into areas and factories where American workers are reluctant to work. They are willing to dart to locations which others avoid.

The immigrants burst bottlenecks to expansion and speed up economic growth.

We need the immigrants

The President's outreach to the Democrats on the Dreamers issue is commendable. The United States needs immigrants. Why? The immigrants are more prone to opening up new businesses than natives.They are creative and innovative. They have initiative and fire in their belly.

Immigrants open jobs for themselves through self employment, create jobs for American workers, an develop cutting-edge technologies and companies. According to the Census Bureau, even though immigrants form a relatively smaller population, they represent a larger proportion of engineers, scientists, and innovators. Further, immigrants push up the demand for consumer goods. In the past immigrants have laid railroads, build cities, and kick started new industries. Yes, President Trump, the United States needs the Dreamers.