Nick Saban came to Alabama and started a dynasty. We often assume that the Crimson Tide will be competitive right at the end of the season vying for a national title, but they are not always the best team. Clemson could be much better than Alabama this season, and it is important to remember that Clemson seems to be much stronger than Alabama at this point. The Tigers could meet the Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff this year, but we do not know just yet. We have to play out the season while giving the Tigers the credit they are due.

Kelly Bryant

Kelly Bryant is much better than we all thought. He has entered the Heisman conversation after beating up on Louisville, and he could steal that trophy away from Lamar Jackson because of the performance he had on Saturday. We are not certain if this guy can keep up his performances, but he is clearly better than Jalen Hurts. Before you get upset, I did not say that Hurts is bad. I said that Bryant is better. Watch him play the game, and please explain how he is not the front-runner for the Heisman. His team is better than all the others, and he looks fantastic in leading them. Remember that when we come down to the final ceremony in the winter.

The defensive line

The defensive line is very strong in Clemson, and it is important to remember that they have starters for the NFL all over their defense.

These guys are simply waiting to get drafted, and they are chewing up opposing offenses. Lamar Jackson just got stopped by the Clemson defense, and we all assumed that Jackson was Superman. He did not look like Superman playing this team. That should be concerning if you love Louisville, and it should make you feel amazing if you love Clemson.

Can they run the table?

The Clemson Tigers have no stumbling blocks in the ACC. That much is clear because this team does not have to worry about lesser teams such as Georgia Tech, and they can beat a team like FSU because Deondre Francois is out for the year. The Tigers must begin preparing for the CFP because they are on their way to going back once again.

What about Alabama?

Alabama is very good this season, but they have a harder conference to get through. The SEC is a much stronger conference than the ACC as a rule of thumb, and there are a number of people who want to have their crack at Alabama. Mississippi State and LSU probably want to see how they would perform against Bama, and they pose a greater risk than teams like Miami and Wake Forest.