Reports are circulating via ESPN that Jerry Jones may be impeding the contract talks with the NFL and Roger Goodell. The reports had already come out that Goodell could be getting a new deal, but there is a new story under the surface. Some are saying that Jerry Jones might be stopping the process from completing. We do not know the exact circumstances, but there may be trouble on the football front because Jerry Jones is mad at Roger Goodell about Ezekiel Elliott. This is pure speculation from this writer, but there is no other reason for Jerry to hold up the process if that is what he is doing.

How petty do you have to be to get in the way of someone who takes all the flack for you, makes you a lot of money, and generally agrees with you on most matters?

What is Jerry doing?

If the reports from ESPN are 100% accurate, that means that Jerry is getting in the way to get back at Roger Goodell because of the Ezekiel Elliott suspension situation. We cannot read their minds, but there is no other reason for Jones to want to get rid of Goodell unless they have a very personal conflict that we do not know about. Someone has been reported as saying that Jerry is the only thing stopping Goodell from getting a new deal, and that should make Goodell very angry. However, he only has himself to blame.

This is very petty

No one can deny that Jerry Jones is being very petty if this only has to do with the Ezekiel Elliott thing. Elliott has shown that he is a knucklehead, but that is his personal issue. Roger Goodell, for all his faults, has not made Elliott do the stupid things that he is accused of doing. Goodell runs the NFL, and he does not do anything else.

This writer is not a fan of Roger Goodell, but this is not his fault. Jones can be upset with the way that Goodell has handled the process, but that is not a reason to get rid of him. Look at how well NFL owners are doing for themselves.

They got a good deal

This current collecting bargaining agreement is very good for the owners, and Roger Goodell got the players to give him complete control over discipline.

He made the owners a lot of money, and he has given these owners a lot of support that has helped them build stadiums with public money, underpay players that deserve to get a bigger piece of the pie, and keep the league capped to ensure everyone can afford to compete.

How far can this go?

This writer seriously doubts that Jerry Jones can convince all the owners to not sign Goodell, but he is sending a message. The message is quite clear, but it will take more to eliminate Roger Goodell from football.