We're likely to keep things to ourselves because of the fear of hurting the other person. This may be true for both men and women. I always want to be considerate, and that's my biggest flaw. To make it easier, I tend to just keep things inside for a little while just to spare the other person's feelings.

I realized too late that this was aggravating the situation. What should I have done? Tell them the truth, I guess. When you're pushed against the wall and you just don't know what to do, it seems the last thing to do is be honest. Honesty is not always easy though.

If your Partner exhibits this behavior, this leads us to the next step: identify clues to confirm how he or she feels about the Relationship. How can you detect if your partner is unhappy? PopSugar gives us a rough idea of these signs.

Your partner is so distracted

This doesn't mean just a few days of suffering from distraction. We're talking about long-term distraction. For example, it's been months since he paid attention to you. He's always preoccupied with work-related activities and he barely has time for you. This may be his coping mechanism to try and forget that he's Unhappy in your relationship.

He parties with his friends like there's no tomorrow. The worst part? You didn't know he was going out and you only found out because of his Instagram or Facebook page.

He's got new friends outside of your relationship and these are people you don't know. He's trying to build a new circle of friends and this doesn't include you.

She's out almost every night

She's been spending so much time with her girlfriends that she forgets your date night. She looks so much happier in her group pictures than the ones you took together.

She considers you the least of her priorities. That means you get to see her only once or twice a week. Her excuses would usually involve late-night hours at work or needing to spend time with her friends.

He gets frustrated about little things

He's easily triggered by the little things. Before, these issues were not even considered to be problems.

You keep being surprised when your minor fights turn into major ones without understanding how it reached that point. He used to be so patient with almost everything. Now, he's absolutely the opposite.

She doesn't care anymore

She used to be so affectionate but she's gone cold. When you ask for a reason, she tells you everything is fine but you feel that it's totally not okay. She doesn't communicate with you the way she did in the past. It's a struggle to just get her to keep talking. She's near to you physically, but it feels heavy knowing how distant her thoughts are.

She's built a solid relationship with her phone. Social media is a significant part of her daily life and you're just tossed aside.

She calls her friends often but you're not even getting a single ring.

These are just obvious signs to watch out for. Hopefully, you'll be able to understand your partner better and work it out. If not, maybe it's time to move on and hope for the best to happen.