Relationships can get so tricky that you'll probably find yourself googling how to make things work. There are a lot of tips, methods, and suggestions to make it better for you and your partner. However, misunderstandings and conflicts just get in the way and may even get destructive in the end.

PopSugar talks about the important Questions that you need to ask yourself before you decide to break it off with your significant other. It's definitely not easy to initiate the breakup but you know that you'll have to do it eventually.

No one likes to make the first move in breakups.

It's always the same thing: that cold feeling glides across the room, the atmosphere changes, and it freezes you senseless. You start panicking and there's a big lump in your throat that you just can't ignore.

Tears, frustration, and disappointment will all be a part of this but you have to be firm. You have to trust yourself and get through this somehow. If you don't, you'll just bear the burden and it will be too unfair to the other person.

How will you begin? Don't start if you haven't even thought of answering these questions.

Why do I want to end this?

What's your main reason for ending the Relationship? Think about it and give it time. Do not rush if you have doubts. Factor in the pros and cons.

Keep in mind that your resolve may be influenced by the people surrounding you. It could be one of your friends telling you to go for it or a family member urging you to end it. Do not be swayed - this is your decision!

Are there ways to save the relationship?

You've probably done a lot of thinking by this time and you're still having second thoughts.

Think about the pros of the relationship and possible solutions. Is this what he or she needs? Is this what you need? Weigh in on the situation and contemplate if continuing the relationship will really make you happy.

Will I feel regretful?

Think about living without the other person. Do you feel better being single or do you have an inch of doubt about this decision?

Sure, it's going to be hard at first since you were so used to having him or her around. However, try to imagine this if you're single: you'll be able to gain a little bit of independence and a little bit more time with your family and friends.

How will I initiate it?

If there's something that holds you back, then it might not be best to push through with it right away. Talk to your partner about it. Slowly ease the transition then tell him or her the truth. Confide how you really feel about the relationship.

What are the things I've learned?

This is the most important part of a breakup. The realization that your relationship with that other person was not a simple one. It was a meaningful emotional experience for the both of you. There may be bad times but there are good memories as well. Cherish those moments.