The Jaguars lost to the Titans in pretty stunning fashion, and The Titans looked amazing in doing so. Marcus Mariota looked great, and the Jaguars looked a little lost. Perhaps the first week of the season was an aberration? The Jaguars are not a bad team, but they are clearly a flawed team. How do we judge the AFC South after this weekend given that each team in the division has its problems?

The Titans are very good

The Titans picked themselves up and showed us that they are a very good team. They have a solid defense, and they have that very good offensive line.

They have proven that they are good enough to compete with anyone in the league, and they will only get better during the course of the season. This team looks to be poised to win this division after Week 2, but the Jaguars are still better than many thought. Maybe their problem is that they do not know how to recover from big wins.

The Texans are better

The Texans look better after Week 2 because Deshaun Watson has had time to acclimate himself to this offense. However, he is not a mature starter in the NFL. Fans can expect a lot of rookie mistakes that will help him grow for the future. This is set in contrast to the Jaguars who had a decent looking Blake Bortles, but he was not stellar. What is the disconnect between Bortles and consistent greatness?

He likely needs more time in this new offense.

The Colts are terrible

It is true that the Colts improved in Week 2 because they have Jacoby Brissett, but they are going to end the season with one of the worst records in the league. That much is essentially guaranteed at this point. We must look at the Colts as a project that cannot compete in this division until after Andrew Luck returns completely healthy with a better offensive line.

He will have to spend a lot of time getting this team ready to compete against a surging Texans team, a very good Titans team, and a much better Jacksonville team. Do fans recall when the Colts were the class of this division? How have they fallen so far? It is simple. The Colts did not plan to create depth, and the rest of the division did.

Trust Marcus

This writer is willing to trust Marcus Mariota with his fantasy roster, his team, and his life. Mariota has shown that he has improved enough to lead a team into the playoffs, and we will likely see at the end of this season what he can do when he gets there. This has been a long time coming for a Titans organization that still misses Steve McNair, and they can come in from the cold on Mariota's back.