The Patriots have been famous for bringing in guys who turn out to be stars even though they were not highly drafted. The Starting Lineup in New England looked terrible in their opening loss against the Chiefs, but they are simply not playing well at the moment. There is nothing to be alarmed about when the team is anchored by such great names as Brady and Belichick. I may not be their biggest fan, but they are fantastic at what they do. The slow grind of the NFL season along with a weak division will make things easier on the Patriots, and their lineup will look fine regardless of how well they played in the first game.

The Chiefs are good

The Chiefs are better than we thought, and they proved as much when they beat the Patriots going away in their first game. It would be easy to say that the Patriots were exposed by the Chiefs, but the Patriots simply started slow. They cannot go undefeated, and they cannot be expected to dominate in every game they win. They have won close games many times, and they could have wonagainst the Chiefs had they been better prepared.

Tom Brady matters

Tom Brady is a major factor for the Patriots, and he has created an amazing internal structure that he is in control of. There are many people who will enjoy playing with a guy like that because they know exactly what they are supposed to do at all times.

They have no question about what their job is, and they know that they are personally letting Tom Brady and the rest of the team down if they do not perform. Every guy that plays for the Patriots already knows how bad it was when they lost to the Chiefs, and they will respond because they have a fabulous leader.

The Patriots have roster moves to make

It would not be shocking to see the Patriots make roster moves because they want to shore up their roster. They may have come to regret certain roster moves they made, and Bill Belichick will correct those mistakes in the near future. The moves are typically quiet, but they usually make the team much better.

The Patriots will continue to make changes until they are happy with their roster, and they will do so until they have reached their capacity for change.


The Patriots can easily go 13-3 because they will win every game in their division without any trouble. They play in a very weak division that gives them time to adjust, and they will beat a few other bad teams that will not be able to match up with them. However, this loss to the Chiefs leaves the door open for the Raiders.