Jennifer Lawrence, noted actress most famous for appearing in “The Hunger Games” movies and, apparently, a theologian has declared that Hurricane Harvey which ravaged Texas and Hurricane Irma, which as of this writing is approaching Florida, are examples of divine wrath. It seems that “Mother Nature” is angry with Texas and Florida for going with Donald Trump in the most recent presidential election.

Lawrence feels that wrath of the people on social media

Needless to say, Lawrence’s observations are not going down very well on social media, especially in Texas and Florida.

The usual insults and calls for boycotts could be seen. Most posters on Twitter were just astonished that any human being would say such a thing about people who are suffering and, in some cases, dying as a result of the hurricanes.

Lawrence imitates Pat Robertson

Jennifer Lawrence would be shocked by the comparison, but her statement seems similar to one that televangelist Pat Robertson made about Hurricane Katrina about a dozen years ago. Katrina had no more finished smacking New Orleans when Robertson opined that the hurricane was clearly God’s wrath for America allowing the practice of abortion. The two people have individual differences. Robertson has made a lot of money preaching a form of Christianity on television.

Lawrence has made a big pile of cash pretending to be other people in the movies and looking good doing it. However, both suffer from a distinct lack of intellect and empathy.

What Lawrence needs to do now

Jennifer Lawrence is not the first people to mock Hurricane victims. Both Politico and Charlie Hebdo have published cartoons depicting Harvey victims as red necks and Nazis.

Neither magazine requires much of a mass audience to remain afloat. Lawrence, however, has severely damaged her brand by basically saying that people who have lost everything asked for it because they voted for Donald Trump, even if they actually voted for Hillary Clinton as most of the citizens in Houston did.

That the actress has to issue a public apology is a given.

However, following that mea culpa with a big check for hurricane relief is not going to cut it. Lawrence needs to take some time off from making films and partying in Hollywood and come down to volunteer to help the victims she insulted. She would learn quite a lot from serving meals to refugees at hurricane shelters, comforting crying children, and pounding nails when Habitat for Humanity starts to rebuild homes. She might even have the opportunity to talk to people about their hopes and dreams and about why they voted for Trump. She might find out a few things she never imagined. Lawrence would become a better person and a better performing artist as a result of the experience.