We go through different phases, and we pick different paths. More often than not, we get lost along the way. I've always wondered about Millennials who have published numerous blogs and articles tackling identity crisis, work-life balance, and self-worth. These are the most crippling issues that need to be addressed. Now, experiencing these troublesome stages get especially challenging for an adult who's in her mid-twenties.

The decisions we make shape the roads that we take. It's important to plan what we want in life, how we want to spend it, and where we want to end up.

It's frustrating because people tend to choose options that make it harder for them. Why don't we make it easier?

If you're doing any of these things that PopSugar highlighted in their article, you've got to stop.

Visiting old demons in your past

It is definitely okay to indulge in old memories and Happy moments in your life. However, it's definitely not good to hold on to things that are hurtful. It could be in the form of an old flame, your unresolved issues with your mom or dad, or a traumatic experience that left you broken. Ask for help if these things get too distracting. Moreover, it is important not to dwell on these experiences. Look for something that makes you happy. Find joy in the little things and plan your future.

You fear change

When I was in high school, my English teacher always emphasized that the only constant thing in this world is change. I'm not sure why it got stuck in my head. Though it's an overused quote, I find myself comforted every time I think about it and when I face new situations in life.

It's already been my third fresh start, and I'm 26.

The world is diverse, and we are forever changing. It is inevitable, and there's no reason to fear it. It is essential to train yourself to embrace the 'unfamiliar' and learn to see the good things that come with it.

Analyzing anything and everything

This is seriously tiring. This doesn't apply only to introverts. Other personality types tend to do this if they've encountered something challenging or difficult.

Stop yourself right now. It's going to have a big impact on your personality later on. It can even push you in the wrong direction if you think too much as it can alter your decision-making skills.

Wanting to please everyone

I was always trying to please the people around me. My best friend once told me, "You cannot please everyone all the time." I never listened. I learned my lesson late in life. I felt like there was this big weight that was lifted off of my chest. I thought, "So this is how it feels like?"

I finally got comfortable, and this is the first time that I thought of caring for myself FIRST rather than others.