Donald Trump’s many threats and insults to Kim Jong-un cause no harm to the North Korean dictator. However, though it may serve whatever demented objectives Donald has, it is going to cause harm mostly to the North Koreans; people whose only fault thus far, has been acting exactly as they have been commanded to, and believing the only information that they are privy to, day in and day out.

The threats that Donald Trump makes fit nicely into the North Korean anti-American war propaganda. This propaganda forms the very foundation of North Korean poverty.

Pyongyang can now justify taking more food from the mouths of it’s already starving people in order to speed up their military war machine. Donald Trump is now the monster underneath every North Korean child’s bed.

Two Tyrants picking fights and making the Korean and American people pay for the war machine

It’s not that taking money from citizens in order to finance a nation's war machine is not fairly common. Every nation does this. The very large difference is that we can still afford to eat and stay healthy, and as a result, make more money, and pay more taxes.

Because Kim Jong-un is threatening other countries as well, he is being economically sanctioned. This, once again, only causes the North Korean people to suffer.

This will be blamed on an outside “enemy,” which, in this case, is America. As anyone can see, Jong-un is the fattest man in his country. It is clearly not Kim Jong-un who must suffer.

The Korean people give their money to the war machine and their eternal praise to the “Great Leader,” because if they don’t, they know, from experience, they and/or their entire family might then be relocated to work camps.

In such camps, they would probably still starve, just under harder forced labor than before.

Message to the North Korean people

It is important to note, at this point, that the average American is as powerless to prevent or alter the words that Donald Trump says, as the North Koreans are with Kim Jong-un. If I could say anything to the North Korean people it would be, that the leaders of our two great countries are out of control.

I have nothing but compassion for the average North Korean, to have suffered so at the hands of a long line of dispassionate narcissistic and psychopathic dictators. I’m also beginning to relate on a much more profound level with Donald Trump ruling over America. I would hope that they could see that and realize we are all human beings. It is psychopathic, narcissistic “leaders” that foster this xenophobic animosity between our countries.

I know that I can give my word as an American, that I will be doing all that I know to do as much as I am able to stop Donald Trump from destroying both of our countries. I would hope that, were they privy to this, the North Korean People would give the same.