Joe Flacco is listed as questionable on the injury report for the Ravens, but the prevailing idea is that he will Start the season for the Ravens. No one can confirm anything, but he would be going into uncharted territory if he starts while being listed as questionable on the injury report. Flacco has never missed a preseason before, and he is getting a bit older. The combination of age and a lack of practice will be harmful to the Ravens and their chances this season.

Flacco is not right

You do not, as a coaching staff, list your starting quarterback as questionable on the injury report unless you have concerns about him.

The Ravens are not famous for dodging the press on injuries like many people believe the Patriots do, but they are clearly concerned about Flacco because they are trying to confuse us. If he is questionable, why is he starting? You are paying him so much money that you should try to protect your investment, or are you lying because you want everyone to come into the game with question marks about game planning?

Flacco is their team

Joe Flacco is the whole of the Baltimore Ravens, and that became abundantly clear when the Ravens did not want to sign Colin Kaepernick. The social justice implications of the signing were not the only reason for the Ravens to pass on Colin. They did not want to answer questions about someone who was younger, more athletic, and has similar skills.

The Ravens would have created a distraction that they did not need, and they are now poised to play this guessing game with Flacco and his injury status.

Lagging behind

The Ravens are lagging behind the rest of their division because they are not stockpiling talent like every other team in the division. The Steelers are prepared to give the Patriots a run for their money, and the Bengals have an improved offense after drafting Joe Mixon.

The Ravens are not good enough to compete for a division crown, and they are not going to be good enough to win this division anytime soon. They have proven that paying your quarterback too much money squeezes your cap of all its life, and we now see what happens when that quarterback gets hurt. The Ravens have to do something to make their team competitive, and they have listed Flacco as questionable but may start him because they have no choice.

The Ravens backed themselves into a corner, and that corner may become much darker if they are expected to give another big contract to Flacco.