Picking out your fantasy running back is a lot harder than you think it is because you have to invest in guys who are going to give you value no matter who they are playing against. You usually have a running back in your flex spot, and that is why you need to be very careful about running backs. Having someone that can fit in either spot is very good for you, and you should start thinking about who you trust the most to take these spots for your team.

Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook is the future for the Vikings, and he will be able to run on all three downs for at least the next decade.

He is an offensive gift for the Vikings, and they will probably use him as much as they can either running or coming out of the backfield to catch passes. He is perfect for the Vikings, and he will probably give them a lot of exciting plays that will give you the fantasy points that you wanted. You should draft him just because you know that he can do something special.

Kareem Hunt

Riding Kareem Hunt every week is a very good idea because the Chiefs need him to open up the passing game. He can make their offense a lot scarier, and he will probably give the Chiefs a reason to invest in the offense more after they have spent so long on their defense. A few extra pieces could make the Chiefs the most dangerous offense in football for the foreseeable future.

He can run, and he scores often because he is not a two-down back.

Devonta Freeman

The Falcons will run the ball because they know that they have time to do so. They will probably win the time of possession in every game they play, and they will spend a lot of that time running the ball. That makes it very easy for them to win because they can trust that Freeman can score in the red zone or scare the defense enough to make them respect the run.

Freeman is clearly becoming one of the best backs in the league, and he can be trusted on a weekly basis.

Tevin Coleman

Tevin Coleman plays the supporting back role in Atlanta, and he could be called on to clean up plays that did not go as planned. He can be brought in to confuse the defense, and he has proven to be amazing since he came to Atlanta.

He is a very good secondary option, and he might help your team if you cannot get anyone else on your roster. You might prefer someone who runs the ball more, but Coleman could surprise you every week.

Todd Gurley is also a very good option if you need a running back, and it appears that Leonard Fournette will give you everything you need. Choose wisely for more fantasy points.