Choosing skill position players is hard in fantasy because you never know when a guy is going to have a bad day. He could drop a couple passes, or he could be covered too well to be effective. We have many things to consider when choosing receivers, and you will perform much better overall if you just make sure that you have chosen guys who have no choice but to have the ball in their hands. Receivers are easy to pick once you choose the guys who are featured no matter what is going on.

Golden Tate

The Lions have no choice but to throw to Golden Tate because he is their number one option, and he will remain their number one option until he retires.

He is so good that you cannot pass him up, and Matt Stafford clearly trusts him. The combination of confidence and skill makes him a very dangerous player. He was very close to winning the game for the Lions this past week, and he could easily be in that spot once again.

Marvin Jones

Marvin Jones is going to get every ball that is not thrown to Golden Tate. These two guys are a terrific tandem in Detroit, and they have to catch the ball because Detroit cannot run at all. The Lions are so inept at running that it is almost not even worth doing at all. If Tate is covered, Jones is going to see the ball. He was just as good as Tate was against the Falcons, and he will pick up more fantasy points this week.

Antonio Gates

Gates and Philip Rivers are clearly letting the league know that they are still a force even if their team is not winning games. They are both making a case to be a part of a new team before the season is over, and someone might pull the trigger on the trade because they see these older guys playing well. Trusting in Antonio Gates can never hurt.

Jason Witten

The Cowboys are going to try to put the ball in Jason Witten's hands as much as possible because he is chasing career records at the position. The Cowboys are going to make sure that they try to feature Witten because he is a solid option for Dak Prescott, and they have shown that Prescott plays better when he is comfortable.

Tavon Austin

Tavon Austin will benefit a lot from the emergence of Jared Goff as a legitimate player in the NFL. This guy will be the favorite target for the Rams, and he will rake in a lot of the points that you need on your fantasy team. Austin has gotten the big contract, and he now has a chance to show that he was worth every penny of that deal.

Choosing receivers can be hard, and these are not the only guys. Tyreke Hill and Julio Jones are out there, and you can fill out your team easily.