The Dallas Cowboys had one of the top offenses in the NFL in 2016 and that is what led them to the best record in the NFC. However, their defense was lacking, which is what led to their elimination from the playoffs. In Free Agency, the biggest move Dallas made was bringing back receiver Terrance Williams but in doing so they lost most of their defensive secondary.

What Terrance Williams brings to the Cowboys

The only thing that Terrance Williams brings the Dallas Cowboys is a decent secondary receiver who can score touchdowns. However, he does very little more than that.

When Dez Bryant was injured, Williams stepped up to take his place as the main receiver in Dallas and failed to do anything remotely resembling a starting wide receiver. Instead, Cole Beasley stepped up and became the best receiving weapon that Dallas had. When Bryant returned, Williams moved back to his more familiar position and Beasley still played better than him as the secondary receiver. Terrance does bring a familiarity with the offense and that will help Dallas, but he is nothing more than a fourth option behind Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley, and Jason Witten in the passing game. Williams is a fourth passing option that is now making $4.3 million a year after his free agency signing.

What Dallas lost on defense in free agency

With the Dallas Cowboys needing all the help they can get on defense, they did little to improve in free agency. Bringing back Terrance Williams did nothing to make their offense better but spending the money on him meant they couldn't spend it to make their defense better. Dallas lost two cornerbacks in Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne and both safeties in Barry Church and J.J.

Wilcox. Church was the best of the four and was a strong presence at safety that Dallas will struggle to replace. He was paid like it as well, with Jacksonville giving him $5.4 million a year. Brandon Carr has lost a step but is still more important to the defense than Williams was to the offense. Dallas lost four key defensive players from a defensive unit that needs help. Signing Terrance Williams wasn't what the Dallas Cowboys needed.