I am tired of journaling Donald Trump and his socially awkward narcissistic, antisocial behavior. However, I am starting to believe that if we stop making a big deal out of what cries out to have a big deal made of it, then it will become normalized in the eyes of the American people. That, to me, is normalizing buffoonery and stupidity at a time when the human race needs intelligence most of all. The planet is in enough trouble right now.

Donald Trump, and Rupert Murdoch sittin in a tree...

Harvey, a storm the likes of which have not been witnessed by any living generation occurs, and Donald Trump comes dressed like a playboy to “play to the crowd” as if he were in Las Vegas. Melania, the first lady, who is not so ladylike, wore 5-inch stilettos...to go to a flood disaster.

Of course, she quickly changed these before de-boarding Air Force One.

She must have read her Twitter feed. My guess would be that the change came in response to social outrage and prostitute comments on social media. Surely, she has gotten flack in that arena since she came on board the presidential train. The entire world has seen her nude.

It is important to note though, that The New York Post was the first rag to produce the nude pictures of Melania during the election. It’s important, again, to note, that the owner of The Post is, Rupert Murdoch, with whom, it is said, Donald Trump is ‘bosom buddies.' You might call it a billionaire bromance made in heaven, which is probably merely a restroom adorned with gold fixtures and a heated toilet.

American presidency or WWE cartoon prequel to Idiocracy!?

Taking that into account, along with The Donald’s cheesy Las Vegas manner, the presidency begins looking more like a WWE episode, playing of course to some of the most simple minded adults on the planet. I would bet money that 90% of Trump supporters are also die hard WWE fans.

Donald Trump is most definitely a player in that cartoon.

I write about this because I feel it is important to meet the future with eyes wide open. The future of America is beginning to look a lot like a prequel to the movie, Idiocracy. The American presidency is beginning to look a lot like an earlier version of the one President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho had.

In the midst of a disaster the size and scope of Tropical Storm Harvey, seeing such a disgusting display of shameless arrogance and narcissism is not just disheartening. It’s frightening. I for one am not prepared to witness any part of the extinction of mankind with a buffoonish cartoon like Donald Trump or his wife Melania, at the helm of the proverbial sinking ship.

I would hope that there are enough out there who agree with me that this disaster might be averted. The human race is getting collectively less intelligent. That has been established, but Idiocracy doesn’t have to happen to everyone overnight does it?