Donald Trump, the 45th, and the present President of the United States of America - an office he held since January 20, 2017, is no ordinary person. Even before attaining the highly coveted office, he has always made headlines for one controversial issue or the other.

Here are some key facts about President Donald Trump

1. He is a very unusual businessman that uses his name to license and/or brand his products. His product lines including vodka, furniture, men’s wear, and a board game called “Trump: The Game” are all branded "Trump." He also licensed his name and image for many of his estates, accessories, watches, fragrances, even chocolates.

Others include Trump University, Trump restaurants, Trump financial and much more

2. He won the California presidential primary for the Reform Party in 2000, receiving more than 15,000 votes in the primary, Trump, however, ended his campaign on February 14, 2000, saying the party was too dysfunctional to enable him to win victory at the poles.

3. He is the top most followed world leader on Twitter with 32.8 million Twitter followers, followed by the Indian prime minister – Narendra Modi who have 31 million followers. Former President Barack Obama has 94.3 million followers on Twitter.

4. Donald Trump is 71 years old, and he was born on June 14, 1946, in New York City; he is the youngest of five children.

5. Donald Trump is of German and Scottish ancestry: he’s Grandparents were emigrants who moved to the US from Germany in 1885.

6. Trump’s original surname was Drumpf, but this was changed to Trump in the 17th Century

7. Donald Trump is of the Presbyterian faith Christian denomination.

8. Trump was sent to the New York Military Academy by his Parents at the age 13, he avoided being drafted into the U.S military through a 1-Y medical deferment in October 1968 and then in December 1969, he then got a high placement number in a draft lottery, hence exempted him from the military service again.

9. Trump married thrice. First to Ivana Zelnickova from 1977-1991, then to Maria Maples from 1993-1999, and to Melania Knauss from 2005 until now.

10. Trump was once an owner of Miss Universe Franchise, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA pageants.

11. He attended Fordham University, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics.

12. He is the executive producer and once a television show host of the reality TV show- The Apprentice, still the executive producer till date.

A Wrestling Fan

13. Trump bought WWE Monday Night Raw show for two weeks in a fake storyline. He even hosted two WrestleMania events in his Trump Plaza and was inducted into the Celebrity wing of WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. He is a lover of wrestling.

14. Trump does not smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs; the death of his older brother Freddy Trump – who died from alcoholism, informed this decision.