Donald Trump is obnoxious and lashes out at everyone who does not agree with him. He seems however to have an especially hard time when it comes to African American and Latino males. For years he led the "Birther Movement," insisting that then president Barack Obama was not born on American soil. Although the POTUS has had harsh words for other presidents, he seemed extremely over the top and obsessed when it came to number 44. His comments that Mexican immigrants were rapists and murderers raised the eyebrows of a number of US citizens. Recently he referred to NFL players who did not stand for the National Anthem as "son of a bitch," and said they should be fired.

Some believe this indicates a veiled form of racism aimed at black and brown men.

Donald Trump does not seem to care that he comes across as a racist

Before Barack Obama, all US presidents were white males, and if they had any deep-seated issues with black and brown men, they did not show it while they governed. Donald Trump, on the other hand, goes out of his way to say things that can be perceived as veiled racism towards African American and Latino males. Prior to running for president, 'The Donald' said on record that the "Central Park" 5 should be executed. These were five young black males accused of raping a white female jogger.

He spoke with such animosity, hate and vitriol as if there had already been a trial and conviction.

Later the five men were exonerated based on DNA evidence, but Trump never apologized. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump at times used the word thug when referring to black teens in impoverished neighborhoods. When he was pushing building the border wall, he said Mexican immigrants were rapists and murderers. SInce becoming president, his actions have only fanned the flames and added fuel to the fire, regarding those who believe his words and actions are veiled racism.

The sad thing is, he does not seem to care that he comes across as a racist.

Trump aligns himself with extremists

Number 45 said that White Supremacists were good people and put Charlottesville protesters in the same category as those promoting hate. He has not once ever from his heart denounced racism, Anti-Semitic or anti-LBGTQ activities for the evil they are.

Donald Trump also aligns himself with extremists. He did not distance himself from David Duke, and he brought Sebastian Gorko and Steve Bannon into the White House. Duke is a former KKK leader, and Gorko and Bannon are connected with the alt-right.

When you consider the overall picture it is not a pretty one. This is why when Trump said in Alabama that NFL team owners, (who are mostly white males) should fire players (majority black men), for not standing during the anthem it raised eyebrows. And it is a growing number of Caucasian Americans who are now taking notice, that he seems to have a disdain for black and brown men.