Hillary Clinton is continuing her blame tour and has found a new group of people to point an accusing finger at. Women, especially white women, who voted against her lack all respect for themselves. Why else, she suggests, would they vote for a man who said what he said about women that was caught by Access Hollywood? Just once, one would hope that an enterprising reporter would call the twice-failed presidential candidate on her record where rape victims are concerned.

Hillary Clinton smeared rape victims

Clinton has been quite brazen about rape victims.

She never tires of pretending to have sympathy for them, suggesting that their accusations should be respected and believed. The due process problems with that stance aside, Clinton has not always practiced what she preached.

One hardly need to trudge back into the sordid record of Hillary Clinton’s campaigns to destroy the victims of her husband’s predatory sexual aggression. One recoils at delving into, once again, how, as a young lawyer, Clinton smeared a 12-year old rape victim named Kathy Shelton to get her attacker off on time served. One wonders, in any case, how much self-respect a woman can have to remain married to a man like Bill Clinton. And yet Hillary Clinton stood by her man, humiliation after humiliation.

The sad truth about 2016

The sad truth about the 2016 presidential election was that no good choices exist when one factors in the personal morality of the candidates. Donald Trump was and is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, an aging libertine whose string of romances and casual encounters was mind-numbingly long. However, Hillary Clinton is, in many ways, a monster, a soulless creature capable of almost anything in pursuit of political power.

Every scandal she had been involved in from Whitewater to the email server affair suggests someone who lacks moral restraint as well as a sense of shame.

The choice last year devolved down to, personal morality aside, who was best able to run the country. Donald Trump won that argument, and nothing Clinton has done or said since has caused anyone to reevaluate that judgment.

Even some of her former supporters wish mightily that she would just go away and leave everyone alone.

In a way, the Clintons' failure of 2016 was self-inflicted. During the height of the Monica Lewinsky affair, the media pounded on the meme that the personal morality of an American president does not matter so long as the economy is growing and relative peace prevails. It looks like Americans took that lesson to heart, which is one reason why Donald Trump is president.