People that are brought to our country as children should be given as fair of a shake as anyone else receives in this country. These are children who often go on to become doctors, engineers, mothers, and fathers. They perform many useful jobs beneficial to the American way of life. They are Americans.

DACA is good for dreamers. Dreamers are good for America.

Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) gave these children the chance to prove their Americanness. Only a very ugly and stupid person would even consider ejecting such people from our country.

Oh, wait … we’re talking about Donald Trump. It’s not looking very good for “Dreamers,” or for Trump when 700,000 to 800,000 of them sue him.

DACA gave these Dreamers a chance to earn their keeps like any honest hard working American, hired for aptitude and a willingness to work hard or accepted to a university because they worked diligently at school and got good grades. They often exceed expectations. There are many poor white men who are often lazy or intellectually challenged. They are afraid.

Fear, anger, hate, racism, and lust; anatomy of a Trump supporter.

Looking for work and getting no offers for any number of reasons, these poor, inept, weak-willed white men live in fear, anger, and hate.

You would think that everyone and anyone could become the focus of blame for whatever ailed such a person. The list must be too long to consider, but Alex Jones comes to mind.

In this psychologically depraved fog, conspiracy theories can abound and then easily fit into the prevailing paranoid narrative. People who are a different color, from a different place, who talk funny, are too tall, too fat, too smart, etc.

can then easily be marked as a scapegoat. On those who are different, these pale incomplete golems lay all of their proverbial sins. Enter Hate. Enter racism and bigotry. Enter their great white ‘hero’ Adolph...excuse me... Donald Trump.

This is my evaluation of the standard Donald Trump supporter; not too bright, not too motivated, quick to lash out, prone to conspiracy theories, swimming in cognitive dissonance and thus intellectually compromised, prone to anger, fear hate.

These people are bereft of much of the use of their cerebral cortex. To get the vote of such a beast one need only appeal to the base nature; fear, anger, hate, lust. Starting to see a pattern here?

Donald Trump, probably not of his own accord, appealed directly to the substantial portion of the American population that is operating without the use of all of their faculties. These people vote out of feelings. They don’t vote out of common sense or deductive reasoning. Now you see the trouble we are in as a country. In a Trump, we may have a Charles Manson at the helm, but it’s his followers that should scare the scat out of you.